Science Fiction and Fantasy

Indices, Books and Authors

Diverse Sites

Genre publishing site with bibliographies, info on authors, chat areas and more.
SF Lovers
SF Lovers Archive at Rutgers. Info on authors (bibliographies, sites, and even some books, articles & columns!) plus pointers to other SF sites
The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
About 6,000 links to web resources.
The Linkoping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
Authors, reviews, art gallery and more.
Speculative Fiction
Speculative Fiction Clearing House. Info on Cons, Awards, Authors, Publishers, Bookstores, etc.
Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia
Resources for SF/F that treats women as human beings.
MITSFS Pinkdex
Search the MIT Science Fiction Library's catalog. Mostly just to jog your memory about author/title.
100 Top SF/F book list
Weekly list of highest voted Science Fiction and Fantasy books rated by the net community.
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
Reviews and bibliographies of (almost 300) authors. Interesting links to F&SF pages around the world.
Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works
dedicated to presenting those works in the field of science-fiction and fantasy that get high grades for literary quality without needing any bonus points just for being SF&F.
The Secret Masters Of Fandom
Various links to (mostly UK) Cons and other info.
Science Fiction for Lesbians
A list of science fiction books with lesbian characters or by lesbian authors.
Epic Science Fiction and Fantasy
A free source of reviews; interviews; market listings; mythology, science fiction, and fantasy articles; book giveaways, classifieds, forums, more!

Journals and E-text Archives

Analog Science Fiction and Fact
A detailed timeline of the publication history of Analog/Astounding and an Analog index database available, covering 1948 to the present.
E-scape is a free magazine of speculative fiction. It is published in Adobe Acrobat format. E-scape publishes science fiction, fantasy and horror, along with game reviews, convention schedules/announcements, and other articles of interest to fandom.
SF Site
Bi-weekly e-journal on sf and fantasy. Lots of reviews, columns, links, etc.
Infinity Online
A webzine dedicated to speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) and related topics.
Millenium Science Fiction & Fantasy
An e-zine with original short stories, classifieds, online games and links to other magazines.
The New York Review of Science Fiction
Provides indexes of their publication and subscription info - but no content per se.
Quanta has been running since 1989, there is lots of original fiction on this site. Acrobat version available for download.
Science Fiction Weekly
SF news, biweekly book reviews and author interviews.
A bimonthly print magazinefor writers who wish to break into or increase their presence within the science fiction, fantasy, horror, or "other" speculative fiction genres. See Rants & Raves for advice on manuscript formatting and more.
Voyager Magazine
An online SF/Fantasy magazine from Harper Collins UK with news, interviews and feature articles.

Fan Groups

The Borderlands
Fandom of The Borderland series is set in a time and place where the Elflands have returned and the world will never be the same.
The Gaylaxian Science Fiction Society
Organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Authors and/or their Fans

Science Fiction Resource Guide - Authors
Rutger's list of author/fan web pages.

C.J. Cherryh's home page
Information on existing and future works, new releases, recommendations, personal appearances, photos and reviews as well as answers in response to questions frequently asked.
Charles de Lint's home page
Upcoming books, bibliography, biography, FAQ and more.
Holly Lisle's home page
Bibliography, Advice for aspiring writers and more.
Jacqueline Lichtenburg
Fan page has bibliography, biography and a contact for Ms. Lichtenburg.
The star rigger's net . . . Science Fiction Worlds of Jeffrey A. Carver
Information on future works, current bibliography, his tv show on SF & F writing, and advice for aspiring writers.
Mercedes Lackey
Fan page has book lists and contacts for fandom.
Owl Springs
Diane Duane and Peter Morwood's home page - notes on their books, some recipes & other neat things.
Rosemary Edghill/eluki bes shahar's home page
Bibliography, biography and sample chapters from this excellent cross-genre writer.
Tara K. Harper's home page
An interesting author site - cover art, book descriptions, review quotes, author notes, an author bio, and so on. The FAQ is extensive, and covers agents, the publishing industry, writing, contracts, negotiations, and more. There are associated essays on the future, death, symbolism, wild and exotic animals, etc.
Endicott Studio
founded by Terri Windling in 1987 to promote Mythic Arts (contemporary art and literature rooted in folklore and myth), which are part of the broader movement of Interstitial Arts (literary, visual, and performance arts that blur or abolish the boundaries drawn between genres and art disciplines).

Award Sites

AwardWeb: Collections of Literary Award Information
Information on and links to all the major SF/Fantasy awards and more.
Tiptree Award
The James Tiptree, Jr. Award for the work of science fiction or fantasy published in one year which best explores or expands gender roles. Lists of nominees and extensive reviews of winning books.

Commercial Sites

Future Fantasy
Future Fantasy bookstore, a genre bookstore specializing in science fiction, fantasy and mystery. They also carry some statuary and other merchandise of which pictures are shown. Search their book/author database by genre or entire.
The Other Change of Hobbit
Berkeley's fine genre bookstore, new and used science fiction and fantasy.
A Wrinkle in Time
A science fiction store in Cupertino, carrying new and used books, comics, artwork, collectibles, sci-fi/anime video for sale or rent, and T-shirts.
House of Speculative Fiction
Ottawa's Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookstore - online ordering and reviews.
Firebird Arts & Music Catalog
Science Fiction & Fantasy, Celtic, Folk and Filk Music and special fan items relating to Mercedes Lackey.
Science Fiction Book Club
Online ordering and more from SFBC.


Ace and Boulevard
Putnam Berkeley's science fiction and fantasy imprints. Book summaries and excellent author bios. Plug Magazine for info on Ace/Boulevard titles.
Baen Books
Author interviews, preview chapters, art gallery and more.
Bantam Doubleday Dell
A complex site with a catalog, info on new releases, tours and appearances, resources for young readers and more.
Del Rey Books
Information on the Del Rey imprint, upcoming books, sample chapters, etc.
Tor Books
Lists of upcoming books, sample chapters and info on the Tor imprint.
Warner Aspect
Information on upcoming titles and advice for authors.



Links to upcoming World Science Fiction Conventions and NASFiCs.
Links to West Coast Science Fantasy Conference sites.
Bay Area regional Con annually on Memorial Day Weekend in San Jose. Look for me there!
World Con is coming to San Jose, CA! August 29-September 2, 2002.
ConNotation from
The UK, European and World Science Fiction Convention Listing

Costumer's Guild Sites

Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild
GBACG's list of upcoming events and useful tips!
The Southwest Costumers Guild
SWCG's events and links.

Media Fandom - Movies, Television, Gaming


Star Wars
Scripts, Quicktime clips & info on Star Wars movies, books, etc.


Channel 44, UPN
San Francisco Bay Area channel that plays lots of US science fiction programming.
The Dominion
The Science Fiction Channel on-line.
Star Trek Universe
Paramount's newest Star Trek series has it's own home page.
Star Trek Pointers
An excellent comprehensive collection of pointers to Star Trek info of all types, compiled by M. Hennecke. Lynx friendly!
Star Trek
Info on all the incarnations of Star Trek.
Gay Trek: The Gay & Lesbian Star Trek/Sci Fi Home Page
Home of USS Harvey Milk, Planet Stonewall and the Voyager Visibility Project. LOTS of really cool stuff!
Babylon 5
Babylon 5
Official site has episodes, audio files, chat area and more.
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Pointers to the Babylon 5 universe, episodes and the making of this popular show, plus pointers to other pages.
Official X-Files Web Site
Episodes, merchandise, etc.

Live Action Roleplay Gaming Sites

Interactive Literature Foundation
A networking source for information on live action roleplaying.
World of Darkness/White Wolf Games
White Wolf Online
Publishers of the World of Darkness roleplaying game books and related fiction. Vampire: the Masquerade; Werewolf: the Apocalypse; Mage: the Ascensionl Wraith: the Oblivion and Changeling: the Dreaming.
White Wolfs 'World of Darkness' - Time Line
Chronology and booklist for same.
Stayka's World of Darkness Stuff
Information on a variety of White Wolf games (plus fiction and game summaries in German only).
B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness
A site that collects character attributes from all White Wolf games and new lines developed in WoD games around the world.
Vampire: the Masquerade
Orlock's Page
Vampire role-playing links. Other pages on this site give info on film and literary vampires as well.
A guide to the world of the Masquerade - Camarilla, Sabbat and more.
Le Salon de la Rose
Premier Toreador site - character resumes, lots of links and more.
Werewolf: the Apocalypse
Werewolf and Dark Ages Campaign and some Mage
Lots of Garou info, character resumes and storyteller hints. Also Legends of the Garouby Clan.

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